December 23, 2016

By now the kids are probably out of school for the holidays, are cooped up indoors because of the weather and already getting bored and restless. Well we’re here to help with some simple, easy-to-make and fun activities. For instance, did you know you can make your own finger paints? Just mix 1 cup each of flour, water and salt. Then add Color Garden 100% plant-based food colors. You can store the paints in glass jars or plastic squeeze bottles.


Now that you have your paints, here are some fun finger paint activities. The most popular thing to do is make a handprint. But a simple handprint can morph into myriad animals. Add some legs to it and it becomes a turkey. Turn it upside down and it turns into a four-legged animal. Turn it sideways and it transforms into a fish.


Like finger paints, you can also make your own play-dough. Simply mix 1 cup flour, ¼ cup salt and ½ cup water. Then add Color Garden natural colors. Mix up a few batches of different colored play-dough and let the fun begin. Simple kitchen utensils make great tools for play-dough, as do cookie cutters and rolling pins.


An entertaining and educational activity with play-dough is to make imaginary fossils. Roll out a few tablets of flat play-dough. Stamp in and remove some seashells to make an ocean fossil. Stamp in plastic dinosaurs to make a Jurassic-era fossil. Use the feet of other plastic animals to make tracks. Blades of grass and leaves can embellish these fossil scenes.


Another fun activity is to simply make animals and silly monsters with the colored play-dough. Decorate your new creatures with some plastic wiggly eyes, stick arms and legs, and buttons, all available inexpensively at your local crafts store.


With a few simple kitchen pantry staples, some common household items and Color Garden 100% plant-based colors, you now have a repertoire of simple and fun indoor activities to keep your little ones occupied during this holiday season.