June 24, 2019

Color Garden is proud to have partnered with Mario Fabbri @mariofabbri_tryingvegan of Trying Vegan with Mario and Jillian Sommerfeld @jillianloveyourbody to help bring awareness to the benefits of using natural plant based food colors.  Synthetic Chemical ingredients found in artifical food dye and also many many food products you wouldnt even expect it in, is so often linked to heath issues and very commonly behavioral issues in children. Mario and Jillian are both advocates of health and they walk us through making Vegan Cupcakes and  have featured Color Garden to create colorful cupcakes plant based and chemical free.




Here is what Mario had to say...


"It's been really exciting partnering with Color Garden. I love how they dont use chemical ingredients and use some of my favorite foods to create their colors like turmeric, beets, and spirulina. I think color is one of the most important aspects to making food look droolworthy. I'll add it to my cakes and frosting; but I also like to get creative and make a bright yellow rice or a beautiful pink beet hummus.


~Mario Fabbri


Check out the full segment of Trying vegan with Mario featuring Color Garden below.