March 01, 2018

Most of us use Color Garden food colors for cake decorating because it’s fun and it keeps us safe from harmful chemicals. But there are other fun and safe uses for our 100% plant-based colors and you don’t even have to turn on an oven.

Since we’re talking about food, let’s start with some really fun ways to use Color Garden in the kitchen. Try Color Garden on snack foods like popcorn, potato chips and crackers. Dinner foods like mashed potatoes, rice, pasta and light-colored sauces absorb Color Garden colors very well. You can color desserts like vanilla ice cream and yogurts. Check out the pictures of kids having fun adding green color to macaroni and cheese for St. Patricks Day!




But the fun doesn’t stop with food. Try Color Garden colors in white wine, light-colored sodas, and cocktails. Color some ice cubes blue and serve them with some lemonade that you colored pink. Experiment with coloring teas. Just for kicks, put a splash of yellow color into a glass of milk.


Other fun uses outside the kitchen include arts and crafts like play dough, finger paint and coloring Easter eggs. You can even tie-dye a tee shirt (it will wash out). Add Color Garden natural colors to sand to make a multi-colored sand castle. Let your kids experiment with adding a few drops of blue natural color to a glass of water, then add some lemon juice and observe the results.



Is Wacky Hair Day coming up at your child’s school? Color her hair with 100% plant-based colors. After school, it will wash right out.


These are just some of the novel uses our customers have discovered. Have any others? Please tell us about them!